About us

We make classic men’s shoes with absolute superior quality.

Handmade and the best leather of European origin for maximum wearing comfort and durability. 

With the “3D Makeyourshoe platform” we have innovated  the way to purchase your own handmade shoes made straight from the factory created by yourself.

Be exclusive and unique, wear your own choice of handmade shoes.

 Experience incomparable comfort in the exclusive models from your own handmade collection.

In our factory, located in the historic city of Guimarães in the north of Portugal and artist’s studio in the south of Spain, leather tannary in the north of Italy , highly qualified people proudly produce our luxury shoes with respect and total commitment to the best environmental practices.

How do we make the shoes?
Portugal, Spain an Italy have a long tradition in shoemaking. We fully embrace what our experts have taught us and support that with new technological innovations.

For us, ‘Craftmanship’ is more than a slogan. It is the mastery of techniques passed down through the generations so that every shoe is made to the same exacting standards. From manually cutting the calf leather to the chamfer of the waist, it can take more time and more effort, but it is this dedication to meticulous detailing that makes for a shoe of real quality and character. Each pair of shoes has been carefully crafted to deliver classic elegance and comfort. Both the design and production are managed by us.

“Be creative and make your own shoes”

Dos Santos Shoes - Benelux

European production

Kazernelaan 101/1

3530 Houthalen – Helchteren


VAT : BE0876 418 061


4800 – 115 Penselo – Guimarães, Portugal
02640 Almansa, Albacete, Spain
36072 Chiampo VI, Italy